LiveGraphics3D Example:
Two Knots

The Figure-8 Knot

Both knots on this page were created with the help of the Mathematica 2 sample notebook "" by P. Boyland and S. Dickson.

This knot is intended to show the visual effects achieved by different colors for the front and back faces of polygons and not drawing a polygon mesh.

The (3, 5)-Torus Knot

The following description of torus knots is taken from the mentioned Mathematica notebook:

"The torus is the mathematical figure that looks like the surface of a doughnut. A torus knot is a knot that can live on the surface of a torus. A (p,q)-torus knot passes p times around the meridian and q times around the longitude of the torus."

In order to show another visual effect, this specifc picture has an extremely exaggerated perspective.

Martin Kraus, April 15, 2021