LiveGraphics3D Example:
An Explosion

A Happy New Year To Everyone!

Apart from being the Happy New Year special, this example demonstrates how to use sound with LiveGraphics3D (since version -1.00).

In order to activate the sound you have to (in this example) run the animation by moving the mouse into the applet's region. This will load the sound and play it after it is completely transmitted. (Hopefully your web browser supports sound played by Java applets.)

Unfortunately only Sun's ".au"-files can be used. (Mathematica 4.0 might be able to convert sound cells to this file format.) In this example the new applet parameter AUDIO_FIRST_FRAME is set to the name of such an audio file; therefore, the animation is synchronized with the sound. Alternatively, the new applet parameters AUDIO_ENTER and AUDIO_LOOP_ENTER may be used. AUDIO_ENTER starts the sound clip whenever the mouse enters the applet's region, AUDIO_LOOP_ENTER does the same but plays the sound clip in a loop.

Martin Kraus, April 15, 2021