LiveGraphics3D Example:
Two Dodecahedra

A Dodecahedron, Differently

This example is taken from the book "Exploring Mathematics with Mathematica" by Theodore W. Gray and Jerry Glynn. Chapter 11 (called "Three-Dimensional Graphics, Differently") is about a dodecahedron which edges are parts of the lines between the vertices of a greater icosahedron.

The edges of the icosahedron are black, those of the dodecahedron red. In order to see the thickness of lines, please zoom by pressing the shift key and dragging downward.

A Hyperbolic Dodecahedron

This is a strongly simplified version of the pictures on the Mathematica 3 start up screen and book cover. It is generated with the notebook demo "The Cover Image" by Michael Trott.

Martin Kraus, April 15, 2021