LiveGraphics3D Example:

The Atomic Structure of Diamonds

This example shows the atomic structure of diamonds. Diamonds consist of carbon atoms each being bound to four others as indicated by the blue lines.

The atoms are symbolized by black "points", which is much more efficient than painting spheres. Using points instead is possible because LiveGraphics3D is able to change the size of points with respect to the distance from the point of view.

After creating the example above I found some Mathematica packages by Alastair McLean which display many kinds of crystal structures.

This picture was produced with the help of the package BravaisLattices.m and a few Mathematica commands:

The last output was copied into this HTML page as a parameter of the LiveGraphics3D applet.

The Shape of Brilliants

Brilliants are diamonds cut in a very special shape shown here.

In order to show some flickering all edges are randomly colored.

Martin Kraus, April 15, 2021